Why do I Need Allocate Resources to my Website?

Why do I Need Allocate Resources to my Website?

How many times have we said that our company or organization does not need to allocate resources to use or improve its website? How many times have we said we can do search engine optimization, digital marketing, and analytics duties by ourselves on the website?

It is like we want to be the CEO, COO, CFO, and accounting manager all at the same time. There is no example in modern management to justify this approach. Of course, we know we should hire a professional to help us with such a significant responsibility.

The same thing happens when we mention one of the most important departments of your company or organization and it has a huge impact on the future development and growth of the organization.

We are talking about our website and how proper management of this resource can exponentially improve our position in the market we serve.

If we think we can do it all or do not need to explore other ways that allow the company to grow, let me say that at some point our business will stop growing and that space on the market will be occupied by competitors.

If our strength is management, we know that optimizing our website will be an important factor in the success of the company. We also know having a marketing plan is a key factor for sales and therefore we want to optimize our website and integrate digital marketing techniques and remarkable content.

Immediately, you must decide the amount of financial resources that we must assign to fulfill this important mission.

I will show you 8 good reasons about the importance of allocating resources to improve the website’s organization and attract more and better customers.


1. Your website is the face of your company.

You have 8 seconds to keep a new visitor interested in what you have on your website. Have you ever wondered how many potential customers left your website and why?

Imagine you need a new receptionist in your company. You interview two candidates. One of them came to the interview late and dressed inappropriately. The other candidate arrived promptly, well dressed and with a very positive attitude. The second candidate was hired.

This is exactly what happens when an Internet user comes to your site and finds that it is very slow, disorganized and without adequate information.

It is for this reason that a professional on SEO and Website developer should design the face that shows your company to the world.


2. You must allocate the necessary resources your company needs.

Why try to do everything? That's not practical management. We allocate resources to the areas of accounting, finance, sales, and information systems. You must ensure that you allocate adequate resources to our website.


3. One out of three company directors believes that 75% of spending on the market in the next 5 years will be held in digital marketing.

What does this mean? Imagine that there are 9 companies offering the same service as your company. This means that three of them will spend 75% of their budget on digital marketing. In short, these three companies will have a significant advantage over your company.

Therefore, it is not enough just to improve your site. You must need to allocate resources to the digital market. This strategy will help your website reach a better position in front of potential customers while optimization techniques help the website to find its place in the search engines.

Now, this requires a lot of skill and extraordinary analytical skills. This is the main reason 42% of company directors are confident that analytic data skill will become a necessary competence for marketing. Do you have those skills? Even if you have them, do you have the time?


4. It is estimated that during 2016, the native ads and social networking market will represent 48% of advertising spending. (source: eMarketer)

That is a lot of money. It is predicted to be $32 million and by 2019 will be $46 billion. If you think this is not an important amount, you will one day when sitting in front of your computer or phone and you find an interesting advertisement published by your competition. Therefore, you must not ignore the participation of your company in the digital market.


Moreover, at this moment, social media marketing is cheaper than Google AdWords. Do not be afraid to invest.


5. While you shake hands and make a call in one hour for business, your competitors are reaching your customers through their computer by the thousands at the same times.

I know, you think the sales model that you have used so far has been very successful. The difference is that while you wait for a meeting with a prospective client for several days, your competition has already closed deals with 10 potential customers at the same time.

There will be time for greetings and make phone calls, but in the meanwhile you need to reach those users who may become your customers.


6. It will be necessary to share information.

We grew up in a world where we heard that the right way to success was to hide information. Well, that has changed with such a powerful tool as your website. Users are ready to receive the best possible information.

A potential customer always appreciates valuable information you share to help him make a decision. That is the reason for the success of blogs.

More importantly, remember that 81% of consumers search and compare information before making a purchase.

If your website is a nightmare, the result will be a big scare. It is for this reason that we have the necessary resources to create good content and share information.

It is not a part-time job. Sharing information daily, weekly, or monthly will be vital to increase visits to your website.


7. Your competition knows your movements.

freeseoauditYour competition knows exactly what you're doing and what you do not do. They know the number of users who visit your page, the total number of pages they see and the time spent on each visit.

By not dedicating the necessary resources to strengthen your website and publicize your services or products through the digital market, you're telling your competition and customers that you do not have the resources or capacity to compete at a higher level.

Is this serious? Yes, and your competitors take advantage if you do not change the way you've done things so far.


8. Social networks and your customer’s opinions.

Communication, communication, communication. This is a conversation between two parties. Why? Because 93% of consumers make decisions that are influenced by what they read.

It will be important to use all available resources from social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to customers’ reviews on Google, Yelp, and others websites.



In the end, the sum of all efforts and strategies help to increase user traffic. Remember, SEO and digital marketing are very technical and specialized work, that requires many hours of work. It is not possible to do all this by yourself and at the same time manage your business operations. Others have gone down this road and have failed.


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