How Remarkable Content Helps Businesses be seen on Google

How Remarkable Content Helps Businesses be seen on Google

When I say that how remarkable content helps businesses to be seen on Google means on the first page, especially on the firsts positions. Period.

To reach the first spots, it will be necessary to get down to the essence of what problem your service or products solve and write good stories about solving that problem. Your website’s visitors are looking for information, something interesting they can read and learn about it. People like to be educated.

Businesses will live or die on the internet based on original content. If your business is creating truly useful content for customers, it is going to be seen in the first positions of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. That means you will have an extraordinary increase in traffic to your website.

Of course, any business or person can place their business in the top positions by paying a ton of money. The problem with this approach is that it is not efficient in the long term. In addition, nothing guarantees that the user will make a purchase. The only thing that guarantees a purchase is the trust that users have in you and your business.


The approach without content

As an example, let us look first at a website that is placed on the first page of Google for having no content but running a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign. Now, think as the user who needs to know exactly the size of the air conditioner he needs.

The user goes to Google and types what he needs to know, “what size central air conditioner do I need”. The result shows four companies at the top of the list that have an active PPC campaign. First, let us talk about this result that Google showed displayed.

This type campaign for those companie has an average cost of $12 per click. The first four at the top of the list (advertising) are companies which offer services in different locations throughout Florida. Why Florida? Because Google identified my IP's computer's address and knows that my location is close to those companies.

35 No Remarkable Content Google Result AC


Now let see the campaign in numbers. We can talk about how effective the titles and descriptions of those campaigns, but we will limit it by saying that none of the companies offers an answer to the user's question. In fact, none of these have a well-managed blog on their website.

On average, 6,600 people look for the keyword “air conditioning” every month in the state of Florida. If only 100 users decide to click on any of these campaigns, the monthly cost for the company would be $1,200. For six months, it would be $7,200 and for 12 months it would be $14,400.

This amount of money could be a problem for some small businesses. But for the companies running these campaigns it also represents a loss because they failed to convert enough users to customers, because of the lack of good content.

These companies could attract prospects with their campaign, but they would hardly convince them to buy anything. The difference between success and failure lies in how we can help a user solve a problem. Without good content, there is no sales.


The approach with remarkable content

Let me begin my approach to the concept of extraordinary content with a personal story that applies to this case.

A year ago my air conditioning (A/C) system started giving me a really hard time. It was important for me to get accurate A/C information for my home. I went to Google and tried to find a company near my home that would help me answer my question. The company that answered my question would gain my confidence and the possibility of doing business with me.

Surprise! The company with the answer to my question was the first one on the Google list right after the ads. Great article that was full of information. OK, but there was a problem. What was it? Well, the company was located in California and I live in Florida.

My problem did not end with just knowing the exact A/C that I needed. Now I needed to find another company near my home with a great blog that made me feel that the company had the authority and sufficient knowledge for me to want to pay them $5,500. I never could find it. Luckily, after a few days a good friend referred me to a good company.

When companies develop and publish extraordinary content they win customers. But the most extraordinary thing is that they do it without paying a cent in promotion. That is amazing. This company is an example of how to build good content.

Look the graphic, specifically the result that Google shows about the company under the name of The company not only comes out first after the promotions, but Google also presents specific information about the user's question in a special form called “featured snippet block”.


35 Remarkable Content Google Result AC


What is a featured snippet block? According to Google it is a summary of the answer, extracted from the webpage, plus a link to the page, the page title and URL. You got it! It Is a direct response to the user's question. Do you know how much money the company paid for that? Do you know how much the company paid for being in the first place? Nothing. The company only created extraordinary content for the user.

freectoseoIt is important to remember that Google will always try to offer the best response to the user question. But for that, your website has to have more than a nice design. Your website has to have great content, great design and apply great search engine optimization techniques.

Look at the title that Google shows, "What Size Central Air Conditioner Do I Need?" It is perfect. The description below the title is not the best, but it is good enough to attract users. The best thing is the content of the article. It is clear, concise and contains all the information that user needs to feel confident about the information he is reading.

This article has 3,396 words. That is more than the average for typical published articles. It was structured in such a way to convince a potential client about the expertise that the company has on the A/C market.

You do not have to write such an extensive article if it is not necessary, but make sure that you have correct and accurate information, and that it solves the problem that the user visiting your website may have.



The best way to reach the top positions in Google is the development and publication of extraordinary content. But first, you must know who is your potential buyer (buyer person) to publish the content they are looking for and to get a better conversion.

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