Attract customers immediately, while developing a permanent community.

The Approachfor your business

You can have an exponential improvement; you decide how far you want to go.


Advanced Digital Marketing in Actions

One digital marketing plan, to build a community full of loyal fans.

Let's them know you

Here are our prospects (users) that normally don’t even know your business exist.


Here is where we research and develop the strategy for your business, the path that will guide us to reach your ideal target market. Tactics are created here and will be part of the future actions.

Your business's target market.

Develop the buyer profile and buyer persona.

Develop a remarkable selling proposition.

The channels will be use to reach you target market.

We establish long tail keywords and identify trends.

Analytics website and technical website audit.

Examine competitors in your niche.


The first approach will be build a lot of remarkable content to attract strangers and turn them into website visitors. Business gain credibility and loyalty with buyers through content. Create and deliver content targeted directly to the selected market will be the key.

Promote remarkable content across strategic channel.

Tools: website, social media, blogs, videos, etc.

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Marketing.

Remarkable mobile experience.

Marketing automatization start here.

Let's them like you

Help people answer their questions, but tell them something they didn’t think to ask.


The second approach will be convert strangers to leads. Remember, some people are ready to buy now and some may not be ready until two months from now or longer. You will want to provide options to visitor to engage at whatever level they’re comfortable. It is time to build a relationship. This is a customer’s decision-making phase.

Tools: Call to actions, landing pages, newsletters, etc.

Share case studies, e-books, demos, webinars, etc.

Tracking leads and optimizing future interactions.


The third approach will be convert leads to customers. This is all about demonstrating enough trust and creating value and authority to motivate interested leads to become paying customers. Most businesses try to sell without first creating trust. This will not be your case. At this phase, some leads are qualified and ready to be handed to sales for follow-up. Other leads may not yet ready to buy.

Qualifications leads for follow-up.

Custom call to actions.

Analysis integration.

Full automatization.

Let's them trust you

Here are the customers, in a cycle where they buy from you regularly and trust in you so much that they are promoters of your brand.


The fourth approach will be providing a continuous remarkable content to your users, whether they are visitors, leads, or existing customers. Our job is not only to find a way to introduce what your prospects wants, but also find for your prospects what else they need or want from your products and services. Here is where you build up the business-client relationship, do more business with them and get more referrals (promoters).

Social monitoring and support.

Re-targeting, surveys, smart calls-to-action.

Link building campaigning.

Up-selling, upgrading and referrals campaigning.

Reporting, analysis, consulting.

Implement analytics’ updates.

Post engage smart content.

Post engage smart content.

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